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5-0 & Welcome Back

This is only a quick post to celebrate Barcelona’s 5-0 victory against Real Madrid yesterday evening.  Anyone who witnessed and is a fan of the good guys would surely agree w/me, it was a brilliant display of football.  I feel dumb calling it football but calling it soccer does a disservice to the style and class with which they played.

If you didn’t see it, here are some highlights…

Real Madrid surely have a good side but they are light years behind Barcelona when it comes to on the field chemistry.  It should be mentioned that Barca are playing at a level few teams ever reach; their comfort level and overall singular understanding of how they are going to play the game makes coming away with even a single a point a tall task for any visiting team.

Lionel Messi did everything but score, unfortunately, and quieted any burgeoning debate about whether or not CR9 might have passed him by.  Little Leo certainly benefits from been ingrained in the same system, with the same core group for years now, but the performances speak for themselves.

Finally, RM have an excellent core of exciting, young players and have put together some quality performances under Mourinho, but there is ground to be made up on FCB at this moment.  It will be interesting to see if the brain-trust has the patience to get there.

Other big news this week includes our own favorite US of A learning whether or not they will get the World Cup in 2022.  Check back tomorrow to learn more about the bid, the announcement is coming on Thursday.

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